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It seems Amazon is frocing goodreads to pull all the information they have optained through amazon sites. It will be gone at the end of January. Most people don't even know about it, because there was an announcment only in the Librarian forum, but books might vanish from their shelves, renamed to "unamed book by unnamed author" or merged which whatever edition goodreads seems necessary...

I understand goodreads might be legally tied to not talk about the agreements with amazon, but that can't explain why they don't inform their customers better!!!

I've been annoyed for some time by their attitude to announce important stuff in forum posts... There isn't even an offical news site or blog or anything. That's just supid.

Now as someone who has shelved books in languages that are not English, I'm also again faced with the prevalent Americanism of both goodreads and the user base.

There is a lot about the site I thought was usefull for me. I did use it to track my own reading, to rate and review. But due to their not having forseen that users need more than one read date the data part is mostly incorrect for me by now, the adds and pop-ups (especially for facebook crossposting and stuff) get on my nerves and now international readers have the right to feel ignore again.

Maybe I should just make a read list on the blog and pull all my information on goodreads. *sigh* I'll make an improt of my data now to be on the save side and recommend to everyone to do the same...

If you want to make the effort to rescue as many book entries as possible for you shelf you can go to the "books at risk" site.
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