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 Mostly I’m having fun using sites like goodreads to browse for books that I would never even hear about of I just went shopping for books in stores, on amazon or browse for them at the library. 

It’s the readers who make me check out books that I would never pick up without their reviews their list and shelves. Recently though there were a few discussions of authors flipping out at “bad reviews” - and as far as I can see on goodreads authors seem to think anything less than four stars is bad. Which it really isn’t - depending on how you use the system. And everyone uses it differently anyway, so as a reader I’m not really put off by people who may or may not have different taste in book than me.

But the talk about books - good or bad or just slightly critical - is what makes me want to read a book.

There has been discussion of writers going against reviewers and basically putting their foot in their mouth. In my opinion these writers don’t udnertsand what the writer/reader-relationship is or should be. [personal profile] cleolinda wrote about it here and there is great post about “The reader-author paradigm” here.  

I understand: Everyone can get defensive about their own work, but believing that putting out a work to the public might not create different views about said work is just naive. Everyone who studies literature will agree that there is always more than one reading to a text - and when the text is out, it’s out and it’s not the work of the author to interpret for us when it is. Interpreting and criticizing is done by the readers.

You want people to read you book? Then keep in mind you can’t police what they think or say about it when they have done so.
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